The power of the customer testimonial?.. coverage in the broadsheets

By definition, PR is always about what a third party is saying about your products or services. So yes, you can announce a new widget or company expansion in a press release, but the most powerful of all the tools that you have at your disposal are your customers.

That’s why the majority of the campaigns we run for clients have testimonials or case studies at their heart.

Yes it can sometimes be difficult to schedule interviews with busy customers and often even harder to obtain approvals, but once you have them, they’re like gold dust, not just for winning new business but to also get featured in the press that are read by both existing and potential new buyers.

Such an example happened last month when there was a special report coming up to be distributed in The Times. As always the writers were looking for case studies with some meaningful statistics and key benefits. If you already have these prepared, it can provide a great edge on the competition and in the case of one of our clients, resulted in substantial exposure within a national newspaper (see below)

If you have some great and happy customers but don’t have them on record, then you’re missing a trick. Your customers are your best evangelists, so let them speak volumes on your behalf.

Read full report below on 'The Future of Outsourcing' distributed within The Times – see page 13 featuring James Hearne from on-line estate agent talking about their experience of outsourcing to Ventrica (